What’s all the buzz about Buzzfeed?

When I think about journalism and news sources, I tend to think of highly acclaimed publications like the New York Times, the Washington Post, or Time magazine. Included in this category are also things like fashion magazines, news broadcasts, and photos that tell stories. My typical idea of journalism never really included much else, until about 6 months ago a friend showed me Buzzfeed.


Instantly, I fell in love. Buzzfeed is an online source of news that, according to their website, “is the leading media company for socials news and entertainment, intensely focused on delivering high-quality original reporting, insight, and viral content across a rapidly expanding array of subject areas.”


One of the reasons I love Buzzfeed as much as I do, is because of the wide array of content available from the site. Buzzfeed, in my opinion, does an excellent job of combining things that people want with the things that people need. Throughout the site, one can find information about world news, politics, or business, but he/she can also find stories on entertainment such as fashion, books, or celebrities. Buzzfeed is the perfect place if one wants to stay informed on the issues facing the world today, but still find out what the 26 comfiest items of clothing are.


Another cool feature that Buzzfeed provides is multimedia. The website brings more to its viewers than just written stories. Almost every story has several photographs, and if not, then there’s usually a video attached somewhere (like this video). The site does a fantastic job of giving its readers more journalistic options, and exposing them to every platform that journalism offers.


Ever since I first heard about Buzzfeed I’ve become its biggest fan. I love how I can go on using their app and find out all about the latest news while reading a list of ways to improve my grammar. In the future, I hope that Buzzfeed maintains its full range of content. With all the fun stuff, it might seem easy for them to remove the information that readers need. I think that releasing a Buzzfeed magazine would be a great decision for the company because they could create a new form of magazine where fun facts and serious news is combined into one solid package.

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