The Journalism Family

I don’t remember my first encounter with photoshop. What I do remember, however, was thinking “I’ll leave that up to the graphic designers.”


I was a writer; my job was to write. It didn’t matter how the page of a newspaper looked, as far as I was concerned, what mattered was the content of the articles. I was under the belief that all I would ever need to know was grammar and an intense knowledge of what it meant to have excellent style.


That was the mindset I was under, until I realized that getting a job in journalism meant understanding how to do more than writing; getting a job meant being able to take photos, shoot video, and record audio as well.


I didn’t think I’d end up enjoying photography as much as I do. I also didn’t think I’d appreciate the layers of depth added to a piece when things beyond the written word were included. As I continue to explore what it means to be a multimedia journalist, I learn to fall in love with each avenue in journalism. The purely unique qualities of each platform each act as members of some bizarre family that somehow fits together and gets along well. Whether audio is the old grandfather that never stops telling stories,  video the aunt that shares too much info, the photograph who’s the dramatic teenager, or the article who’s the little kid  always correcting everyone, a journalism family is created. The more I get to know each of them, the more I want to call them my family and go home. 

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