My Multimedia Motto

The term “multimedia journalism” doesn’t appear to be difficult to define. Regardless of whether you’re studying to be a journalist or read a few stories a week, “multimedia journalism” isn’t a completely foreign idea. We hear it over and over again, but when asked to define it we run across a few problem areas.


When I was asked to define “multimedia journalism” for my J2150 course, I thought it would be a relatively easy assignment. I began, “multimedia journalism is the use of different journalistic platforms in order to provide society with a larger and more accurate view of the issues occurring in today’s world.”


I was satisfied with my definition until I began to explore the various types of multimedia journalism present today. I found that multimedia journalism exists beyond just the need to inform citizens of problems, but also to capture life’s avenues in an artistic sense.


My background in journalism stems from writing, editing, and reporting using paper and a pen. I was skeptical to dive into the multimedia world because I believed it was unnecessary, not for me, and—the most daunting reason—too hard to learn.


The further I explored produced works of multimedia journalism, however, I realized that it held a great amount of strength that the platforms alone couldn’t aspire to producing; I found that it was only when the platforms were united that the most unique and powerful journalism was created.


In no way do I consider myself to be a master at all things “multimedia journalism,” but doing research and discovering all the possibilities through this concept made me appreciate it for the true art form it is. Other types of journalism appeal to a certain group of people who prefer their news a certain way; multimedia journalism allows for people with different preferences to enjoy and learn from the same combined platform.


As a dive into the world of multimedia journalism, I can honestly say that I no longer feel afraid or skeptical; rather, I look forward to learning all I can from this new concept and hopefully become a better journalist in the long run.

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